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Department Description:
The Department of Personnel Management provides services in planning, organizing and administering the human resources management services and programs of the Executive and Legislative Branches of the Navajo Nation government, including but not limited to: recruitment, staffing, classification, compensation, performance management, personnel records management, employee relations and personnel budget development; provides guidance and advice to supervisors in implementing personnel management policies, procedures and programs in accordance with applicable laws , rules and regulations; and supports and advises executive level management in human resources planning.


The Navajo Nation recognizes that its employees are its most important asset. Qualified people must be attracted and retained in order for the Nation to be able to fulfill its mission and to meet its objectives. Consistent with this philosophy, the following principles will guide the development and administration of human resource programs:
  • Candidates will be selected and placed based on their qualifications, in a manner consistent with Navajo preference laws
  • Employees will be trained in a manner that equips them to perform their jobs
  • Benefits will provide adequate personal and economic security
  • Recognition and rewards will be based on employee performance
  • Career opportunities will be provided that will enable employees to fully utilize their capabilities and to grow in a manner that realizes their potential
  • The environment will be such that employees can experience satisfaction and a sense of meaning from their work and feel safe and secure.
Employment by the Nation shall be a two-way agreement, with a mutual understanding of expectations and how performance will be measured, recognized and rewarded. Conditions of employment will be based on the mutual needs of the Nation and employees, making accommodations where possible. Compliance with established policies will be expected. Variations in the way specific human resources programs are administered will be allowed where appropriate to accommodate specific circumstances of different division or locations.

The Navajo Nation will maintain staffing levels that are based on the objective, priorities and economic resources of the Nation and that result in reasonable workloads and an adequate workforce. The Nation will recruit qualified personnel from within and outside of the Nation in accordance with applicable laws. Applicants will be selected and place based on their qualification in a manner that is consistent with the Nation's preference laws. Qualified Navajos will be given preference in placement, promotion and reduction in force decisions.

Development & Training Philosophy
The Navajo Nation will provide training and other developmental opportunities that ensure employees reach their full potential and provide the Nation with the maximum return on its investment in employees. Career management programs will be established and maintained. These programs will provide employees adequate growth opportunities and allow the Nation to ensure there is an adequate supply of qualified personnel. Adequate and timely job specific training will be provided to ensure employees have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their jobs and to meet performance expectations.

Pay Philosophy
The Navajo Nation will compensate employees based on the jobs they hold, for their mastery of the skills required for the job and for their performance. Pay opportunity for each job will be based on its internal value relative to other jobs, on the pay levels prevailing in the appropriate labor markets for jobs with similar responsibilities and qualifications, and on the Nation's economic resources. Employee pay will be administered within established pay ranges using formal policies and procedures and in a manner that results in competitive and equitable rates.

Programs will be communicated to management and employees in a manner that results in mutual understanding of the policies, methods and processes used to set and administer pay rates. Compliance with policies shall be monitored and program effectiveness will be evaluated on a regular basis. Programs will be administered in a fiscally responsible manner, ensuring that commitments and expenditures are affordable. Appropriate revisions to policies and programs will be made as economic realities and priorities change.

Benefits Philosophy
The Navajo Nation will provide benefit programs that provide employees protection against the hazards of illness, disability, pre-retirement death, retirement, and unemployment. Retirement programs will complement personal earnings and savings and will result in an adequate retirement income. Paid time away from work will provide an appropriate amount of rest and leisure and will enable employees to attend to personal and family matters.

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