The role of the Support Services Section is to provide an employment process that facilitates the employment of qualified individuals in a timely manner. This section works closely with the Office of Management & Budget (OMB), Office of the Controller (OOC) - Contract Accounting and General Accounting, and all Navajo Nation Programs to maximize the utilization of the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) to facilitate the recruitment, selection and employment process of the Navajo Nation.

In addition, this section includes Position Control which reviews Personel Action Forms; enters approved budgets, budget transfers, and budget modifications; and verifies position funds to cover the remainder of the program's fiscal year. During the budget development process this section enters all Navajo Nation Program budget information into HRIS; assigns position numbers to new positions; distributes and updates Budget Form 3's for Navajo Nation General Funded Programs; and provides personnel budgeting orientations.

PAF Flow Process for New Hires, Political Appointees, and Reinstatements

General & Non-General Funds

  1. Hiring Department
    1. PAF initiated by authorized personnel
    2. PAF is approved by the Department/Program Manager/Supervisor
  2. Employee Benefits Program
    1. PAF is forwarded to Employee Benefits
    2. Employee enrolls for NN Benefits
    3. PAF is stamped by Employee Benefits Representative
    4. PAF is forwarded back to the hiring department
  3. Department of Personnel Management
    1. PAF and Supporting documents are e-mailed to DPM Support Services
    2. PAF is reviewed for compliance
    3. PAF is approved by the HR Director
    4. PAF is processed by Support Services
    5. Processed PAF is returned to the Hiring Department

External Funds (includes additional step)

  1. Hiring Department
  2. Employee Benefits Program
  3. Contract Accounting Section - Office of the Controller
    1. PAF is e-mailed to
    2. PAF is verified for funds availability
    3. PAF is approved by Contract Accounting
  4. Department of Personnel Management

Contact Information


Phone: (928) 871-6155

PAF Submittal Only


Phone: (928) 871-6155

Garrick Tsosie Position Control Analyst
Rynealia Becenti Senior HR Technician
Galen Pete HR Technician
Rhiannon Begay HR Technician
Kendra Badonie HR Technician






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