Employee Resources

Navajo Nation Personnel Policies Manual (NNPPM)

The NNPPM is designed to assist supervisors to deal consistently with human resources issues and to outline the rights, benefits, and what is expected of Executive and Legislative Branch employees.

Provisional Hiring Training (Video)

Assigned Divisions

Department of Personnel Management Division Assigned HR Representatives    
Division of Human Resources Division of Community Development Marvin Allison
Division of Social Services Division of Transportation Edwin Begay
Division of Natural Resources Division of Public Safety Genevieve Jones
Division of Economic Development Department of Justice Barbara Calvin
Division of Dine Education Environmental Protection Agency Eugenia Quintana
Division of Health Navajo Tax Commission Nahnbah Ciccarello
Office of Management & Budget OPVP/NN Veterans Administration Shannon Slinkey
Legislative Branch DNR/Fish & Wildlife David Mikesic
Office of the Controller DODE/Navajo Head Start Kimberly Padilla
Division of General Services DSS/Self Reliance, DCCD, NTCTF Philbert Yazzie

Navajo Nation Policy on Drugs & Alcohol in the Workplace

Strictly enforced policies that not only protect the Nation's status as a responsible source for the award of federal contracts but to maintain a safe, healthful working environment for all of its employees, the general public, and clients.

Navajo Preference in Employment Act (NPEA)

The purposes of the NPEA are to provide employment opportunities for the Navajo work force; provide training for the Navajo people; promote the economic development of the Navajo Nation; protect the health, safety, and welfare of Navajo workers; and to foster cooperative efforts with employers to assure expanded employment opportunities for the Navajo work force.

Navajo Nation Privacy and Access to Information Act

The Navajo Nation Privacy Act requires that information related to government operations be accessible to the public, while recognizing that individuals have a right to privacy. Act outlines what is public and protected information and specifies how to request for such information.

Department of Information Technology (DIT) Policies & Procedures

DIT permits use of its computer systems and information resources by staff who must maintain respect for the public trust through which they have been provided, in accordance with established policy and procedures. The user is ultimately responsible for his/her actions in accessing network services.

Navajo Nation FY23 Budget Instructions Manual (BIM)

The BIM primarily provides instructions and information for the development of the annual Navajo Nation comprehensive budget. It also provides instructions for implementation and administration of all Navajo Nation budgets.

Navajo Nation Procurement Rules & Regulations

Established rules, procedures, and guidelines related to the procurement of all Goods, including supplies and services. These regulations are designed to achieve maximum practicable uniformity in purchasing throughout the Navajo Nation government.

Purchase Card Policies & Procedures

Established policies and procedures for the management and use of Purchase Card (P-Card) to guarantee that Navajo Nation (Nation) funds are reasonably and ethically expended for legitimate government purposes and that the use of such funds is properly documented and accounted for.

Navajo Nation Travel Policies & Procedures

Established policies and procedures related to the proper accounting and processing of travel authorization and expense reimbursements.

Navajo Nation Motor Vehicle Operator's Handbook

The handbook established policies, and procedures regulating the acquisition, assignment, use, and operation of Navajo Nation vehicles.