Today's Job Announcement: October 19, 2018

Admin Building 1

Telephone No: (928) 871-6330
Fax No: 928 871-6976

Employment Opportunities

Below is our current list of job vacancies. If you wish to submit your application, please send it via e-mail, mail, in person, or you can fax us at the number listed below.Thanks! Other Job Resoures. If this is the first time e-mailing an application then you will have to verify your e-mail address with our spam filter (Sendio). Sensitive postions will need a background investigation and fees will be incurred. Background investigation will be performed by theOffice of Background Investigation. If you have any more questions about background investigation you can contact them here.

Executive Order mandating that all Executive and Judicial departments review the Navajo Nation Sexual Harassment policy and attend sexual harassment training. Staff Development & Training Department (SDTD) has partnered up with Navajo Department of Personnel Management (DPM) to conduct training and review of personnel policy and procedures regarding Sexual Harassment. The Staff Development and Training Department will provide the mandated Sexual Harassment Training, free of charge with the dates listed.


Starting March 01, 2017, Department of Personnel Management is requesting that you attach your Navajo Nation Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB) to your Navajo Nation Employment Application (Revised 09/16/2016) to receive Navajo Preference.

Help provide a safe & secure Navajo Nation, join the Navajo Police Department. For information to join the team contact:
  • Marvin Curley,   Police Sergeant    (928)-871-7811/6363
  • Adrienne Joe,   Senior Office Specialist    (928)-871-7532/6363
  • There are two types of positons open Police Recruit, and Police Officer DPM will be accepting applications and forwarding qualified applicants.
Click here for the Revised 09/16/2016 PDF fill-in employment application.
    (You may only fill-in and print this version)

When emailing, please print, sign and scan your application as an actual signature is required.

The completed and signed Employment Application and all required documents must be submitted to the Department of Personnel Management (DPM) by the close of business (5:00 PM) on or before the closing date specified on the Job Vacancy Announcement.

Please refrain from sending picture (.gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png) file formats. Due to network security DPM does not accept linked or shared documents. Click here for info on how to apply. Emailed appications need to be verified by our automated spam filter, check your spam folder if you have not recieved an email address verification.



Copies of: Degrees, Transcripts, Diplomas, Certificates, Permits or Licenses, Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB), DD214

Optional: Resume, Letter of Interest / Recommendation

Click here for the Navajo Nation Veterans Preference Form.


E-mail applications to:
Fax applications to:      (928) 871-6976

Copies of the prior weekly Job Vacancy Announcements (JVA) are available. Job Vacancy Announcements from prior posting are provided only for reference. DPM is only accepting applications for jobs on the current listing. Select the JVA you wish to view or print.



Administrative Service Centers

 DCD13316285 236133   Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S)  Tohatchi, NM  24,731.20  OUF
 DCD13316310 236110   Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S)  Jeddito, AZ  24,731.20  OUF
 DCD13316312 236089   Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S)  Tsayatoh, NM  24,731.20  OUF
 DCD13415889 202754   Community Services Coordinator (S)  Round Rock, AZ  35,755.20  OUF
 DCD13415941 236036   Accounts Maintenance Specialist(S)  Blue Gap, AZ  24,731.20  OUF
 DCD13416432 236060   Accounts Maintenance Specialist(S)  Tselani, AZ  24,731.20  11/15/2018
 DCD13515877 236072   Accounts Maintenance Specialist(S)  Nahodishgish, NM  24,731.20  OUF
 DCD13515943 236062   Accounts Maintenance Specialist(S)  Alamo, NM  24,731.20  OUF
 DCD13516313 236077   Accounts Maintenance Specialist(S)  Mariano Lake, NM  24,731.20  OUF
 DCD13516389 208415   Community Services Coordinator(S)  Iyanbito, NM  35,755.20  10/24/2018
 DCD13715944 230101   Accounts Maintenance Specialist(S)  Kaibeto, AZ  24,731.20  OUF
 DCD13716259 230098   Accounts Maintenance Specialist(S)  Coppermine,AZ  24,731.20  OUF
 DCD13916039 244089   Administrative Services Officer(S)  Dilkon, AZ  41,017.60  OUF


Navajo Head Start

 DODE70116192  242909   Senior Network Specialist (S)  Window Rock, AZ  23.19  OUF
 DODE70116324  243541   Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S)  Window Rock, AZ  12.81  OUF
 DODE70116326  949004   Property Supervisor (S)  Window Rock, AZ  16.57  OUF
 DODE70116393  243441   HS Employee Relations Specialist (S)  Window Rock, AZ  23.19  10/24/2018
 DODE70516325  942491   Property Supervisor (S)  Chinle, AZ  16.57  OUF
 DODE81516327  942494   Property Supervisor (S)  Shiprock, NM  16.57  OUF
 DODE71816189  243165   Maintenance Technician (S)  Kaibeto, AZ  15.20  OUF
 DODE78516200  243238   Maintenance Technician (S)  Torreon, NM  15.20  OUF
 DODE87215677  947464   HS Bus Driver(S)  Tonalea, AZ  13.95  OUF
 DODE87615676  241579   HS Bus Driver(S)  Shonto, AZ  13.95  OUF
 DODE75315853  243467   HS Bus Driver(S)  Dilkon, AZ  13.95  OUF
 DODE74915852  243454   HS Bus Driver(S)  Ft. Defiance, AZ  13.95  OUF
 DODE76015851  945426   HS Bus Driver(S)  Klagetoh, AZ  13.95  OUF
 DODE85615850  945231   HS Bus Driver(S) (2 Positions)  Leupp, AZ  13.95  OUF
 DODE76515848  941081   HS Bus Driver(S)  Steamboat, AZ  13.95  OUF
 DODE75015847  243457   HS Bus Driver(S)  Tohatchi, NM  13.95  OUF
 DODE75115846  941082   HS Bus Driver(S)  Twin Lakes, NM  13.95  OUF
 DODE76315951  945475   HS Bus Driver(S)  Wide Ruins, AZ  13.95  OUF
 DODE77815961  945300   HS Bus Driver(S)  Mariano Lake, NM  13.95  OUF
 DODE75215962  945437   HS Bus Driver(S)  Cornfields, AZ  13.95  OUF
 DODE87916055  948551   HS Bus Driver(S)  Cowsprings, AZ  13.95  OUF
 DODE77415953  945324   HS Bus Driver(S)  Borrego Pass, NM  13.95  OUF
 DODE71216056  945929   HS Bus Driver(S)  Many Farms II, AZ  13.95  OUF
 DODE71216057  945649   HS Bus Driver(S)  Many Farms III, AZ  13.95  OUF
 DODE71915949  945096   HS Teacher(S)  Black Mesa, AZ  16.67  OUF
 DODE76315952  945374   HS Teacher(S)  Wide Ruins, AZ  16.67  OUF
 DODE86916058  945145   HS Teacher(S)  Kaibeto, AZ  16.67  OUF
 DODE75315862  243390   HS Classroom Teacher(S)  Dilkon, AZ  21.27  OUF
 DODE85615861  945781   HS Classroom Teacher(S)  Leupp, AZ  21.27  OUF
 DODE72815860  945554   HS Classroom Teacher(S)  Nazlini, AZ  21.27  OUF
 DODE80615859  945238   HS Classroom Teacher(S)  Red Rock, NM  21.27  OUF
 DODE72415950  945615   HS Classroom Teacher(S)  Forest Lake, AZ  21.27  OUF
 DODE71915673  243017   HS Paraprofessional (S)  Black Mesa, AZ  15.20  OUF

AdvancED Navajo Nation

 DODE04415947  211833   Principal Education Specialist  Window Rock, AZ  57,574.40  OUF

Office of Dine Youth

 DODE08015876  203692   Recreation Specialist (S)  Chinle, AZ  34,881.60  OUF
 DODE08016375  243904   Recreation Aide (S)  Ft. Defiance, AZ  19,552.00  10/23/2018

Office of Special Education & Rehabilitation Services

 DODE04416002  243632   Senior Accountant (S)  Window Rock, AZ  44,720.00  OUF
 DODE04416003  941331   Rehabilitation Services Technician (S)  Kayenta, AZ  29,307.20  OUF
 DODE04416017  935604   Developmental Specialist (S)  Gallup, NM  41,017.60  OUF
 DODE04416377  243922   Developmental Specialist (S)  Shiprock, NM  41,641.60  10/23/2018
 DODE04416379  243923   Developmental Specialist (S)  Gallup, NM  41,641.60  10/23/2018
 DODE04416378  243924   Developmental Specialist (S)  Crownpoint, NM  41,641.60  10/23/2018

Office of Standards, Curriculum & Assessment Development

 DODE04416380  244216   Senior Education Specialist (S)  Window Rock, AZ  49,192.00  10/23/2018
 DODE04416387  234461   Senior Education Specialist (S)  Window Rock, AZ  49,192.00  10/23/2018

Office of Dine Accountability & Compliance

 DODE04416381  241009   Senior Education Specialist (S)  Window Rock, AZ  49,192.00  11/20/2018


Fleet Management Department

 DGS02715991  202375   Senior Auto Parts Technician (S)  Tuba City, AZ  26,936.00  OUF

Navajo Transit System

 DGS00515974  241602   Motor Coach Driver (S)  Flagstaff, AZ  27,601.60  OUF
 DGS00516111  944411   Senior Equipment Mechanic (S)  Fort Defiance, AZ  34,881.60  OUF
 DGS00516428  242686   Motor Coach Driver (S)  Fort Defiance, AZ  27,601.60  11/01/2018

Worker's Compensation Program

 DGS12416357  240926   Senior Info Systems Tech (S)  Window Rock, AZ  36,920.00  10/26/2018


CHR & Outreach Program

 DOH03815942  943493   Community Health Worker(S)  Bittersprings, AZ  26,936.00  OUF
 DOH03816364  947727   Senior Community Health Worker (S)  Littlewater, NM  35,755.20  10/26/2018
 DOH03816366  947726   Community Health Wkr Supervisor (S)  Fort Defiance, AZ  41,641.60  10/23/2018
 DOH03816400  947769   Community Health Wkr Supervisor (S)  Tuba City, AZ  41,641.60  10/26/2018

Division of Aging & Long Term Care Support

 DOH11716044  153615   Senior Center Supervisor(S)  Alamo, NM  31,948.80  OUF
 DOH11716335  150219   Senior Center Supervisor(S)  Lake Valley, NM  32,739.20  OUF
 DOH11716358  949869   Program Supervisor II (S)  Crownpoint, NM  45,385.60  11/15/2018
 DOH11716354  233588   Driver(S)  Pueblo Pintado, NM  23,254.40  11/29/2018
 DOH11716425  230429   Cook(S)  Tohajiilee, NM  23,254.40  12/03/2018
 DOH11916277  236244   Driver(S)  Huerfano, NM  22,692.80  OUF
 DOH11916284  223638   Cook (S)  Aneth, UT  22,692.80  OUF
 DOH11916382  223586   Driver (S)  Sanostee, NM  23,254.40  OUF
 DOH11916383  278190   Driver (S)  Sweetwater, AZ  23,254.40  OUF
 DOH11916384  233622   Cook (S)  Beclabito, NM  23,254.40  10/23/2018
 DOH12016385  158180   Senior Center Supervisor (S)  Lechee, AZ  32,739.20  OUF
 DOH12015837  233636   Cook (S)  Tolani Lake, AZ  22,692.80  OUF

Division of Behavioral and Mental Health Services

 DOH07216352  243350   Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S)  Window Rock, AZ  25,355.20  10/30/2018
 DOH07216347  949392   Administrative Assistant (S)  Ft. Defiance, AZ  35,755.20  10/22/2018
 DOH07216211  243680   Case Assistant (S)  Kaibeto, AZ  20,800.00  10/29/2018
 DOH07216399  947330   Case Management Specialist (S)  Tuba City, AZ  41,019.60  10/25/2018
 DOH07216063  941638   Clinical Specialist-Intern (S)  Kaibeto, AZ  48,464.00  OUF
 DOH07215833  946265   Clinical Family Therapist (S)  Shiprock, NM  ***DOE  OUF
 DOH07216065  945804   Clinical Family Therapist (S)  Shiprock, NM  ***DOE  OUF
 DOH07216064  941866   Clinical Psychologist (S)  Shiprock, NM  ****DOE  OUF
 DOH07216062  947976   Clinical Specialist (S)  Crownpoint, NM  **DOE  OUF
 DOH07216351  947006   Clinical Director (S)  Crownpoint, NM  ***DOE  OUF
 DOH07216348  946012   Clinical Director (S)  Kaibeto, AZ  ***DOE  11/19/2018
 DOH07216060  948028   Prin Substance Abuse Counselor (S)  Kaibeto, AZ  *DOE  OUF
 DOH07216061  944834   Prin Substance Abuse Counselor (S)  Dilkon, AZ  *DOE  OUF

Navajo Health Education Program

 DOH11416287  949499   Health Educator (S)  Dzilthnaodithle, NM  37,627.20  OUF
 DOH11416288  948694   Health Educator (S)  Tohatchi, NM  37,627.20  OUF

Navajo Special Diabetes Project

 DOH06316337  947179   Fitness Specialist (S)  Teecnospos, AZ  35,755.20  10/26/2018
 DOH06316341  241200   Recreation Specialist (S)  Tuba City, AZ  35,755.20  10/23/2018
 DOH06316370  241118   Fitness Specialist (S)  Dilkon, AZ  35,755.20  OUF
 DOH06316433  240916   Program Supervisor I (S)  Window Rock, AZ  41,641.60  11/15/2018
 DOH06316434  241043   Fitness Specialist (S)  Window Rock, AZ  35,755.20  11/15/2018

W.I.C Nutrition Program

 DOH07515965  940265   Principal Nutritionist  Window Rock, AZ  52,852.80  OUF


Department of Personnel Management

 DHR02216420  243292   Senior Human Resources Analyst (S)  Window Rock, AZ  49,192.00  10/29/2018

Department of Retirement Services

 DHR01716355  208106   Retirement Plan Administrator (S)  Window Rock, AZ  53,643.20  10/26/2018

Navajo Office of Broadcast Services

 DHR03416276  211767   Broadcast Engineering Technician (S)  Window Rock, AZ  41,017.60  OUF
 DHR03416286  211769   Production Coordinator (S)  Window Rock, AZ  44,720.00  OUF

Staff Development & Training Program

 DHR12716427  244291   Staff Training Coordinator (S)  Window Rock, AZ  41,641.60  11/01/2018



 DNR02316394  212929   Office Assistant  Window Rock, AZ  21,320.00  10/25/2018

Fish & Wildlife

 DNR12615893  243189   Kennel Officer (S)  Tuba City, AZ  20,800.00  OUF
 DNR12615985  244234   Animal Control Officer (S)  Shiprock, NM  26,936.00  OUF
 DNR12615986  244233   Animal Control Officer (S)  Tuba City, AZ  26,936.00  OUF

Historic Preservation Department

 DNR08315844  934408   Accountant  Window Rock, AZ  37,627.20  OUF

Navajo Land Department

 DNR01316153  154723   Principal Engineering Technician  Shiprock, NM  37,627.20  10/17/2018
 DNR01316376  153369   Senior Engineering Technician  Window Rock, AZ  30,035.20  10/23/2018

Parks & Recreation Department

 DNR05816147  244075   Custodian (S)  Monument Valley, AZ  20,800.00  OUF

Water Resources Department

 DNR05215983  244121   Project Manager (S)  Many Farms, AZ  41,017.60  OUF
 DNR05216307  154831   Senior Construction Supervisor  Crownpoint, NM  37,627.20  OUF
 DNR05216308  154828   Senior Construction Supervisor  Chinle, AZ  37,627.20  OUF
 DNR05216396  152894   Construction Supervisor  Ft. Defiance, AZ  35,755.20  10/25/2018
 DNR05216395  202906   Senior Heavy Equipment Operator  Ft. Defiance, AZ  35,755.20  10/25/2018


Emergency Medical Services

 DPS04716350  947867   EMT Basic (S)  Fort Defiance, AZ  30,035.20  10/23/2018
 DPS04716353  241026   Office Specialist (S)  Window Rock, AZ  25,355.20  10/23/2018
 DPS04716401  943927   Office Specialist (S)  Inscription House, AZ  25,355.20  10/26/2018
 DPS04716402  947880   EMT Basic (S)  Tohatchi, NM  30,035.20  10/26/2018
 DPS04716403  242093   EMT Intern (S)  Red Mesa, AZ  23,254.40  10/26/2018

Navajo Department of Corrections

 DPS14915818  944380   Food Service Coordinator (S)  Crownpoint, NM  24,731.20  OUF
 DPS14915821  243792   Building Maintenance Supervisor (S)  Kayenta, AZ  34,881.60  OUF
 DPS14915931  946342   Corrections Officer (S) (6 Pos)  Tuba City, AZ  37,627.20  OUF

Navajo Police Department

 DPS02116367  943982   Deputy Chief of Police  Window Rock, AZ  84,572.80  10/23/2018
 DPS07416369  944060   Police Sergeant  Crownpoint, NM  60,070.40  10/23/2018


Child Care Development Fund Program

 DSS05716338  241120   Child Development Worker (S)  Tsaile, AZ  27,601.60  11/01/2018
 DSS05716412  931589   Sr Info Systems Tech (S)  Window Rock, AZ  36,920.00  10/29/2018
 DSS05716413  243970   Child Development Aide (S)  Tuba City, AZ  19,552.00  10/29/2018
 DSS05716414  949163   Child Development Aide (S)(2 Pos)  Shiprock, NM  19,552.00  10/29/2018
 DSS05716415  244184   Child Development Worker (S)  Rough Rock, AZ  27,601.60  10/29/2018
 DSS05716339  244185   Child Development Worker (S)  Rock Point, AZ  27,601.60  11/01/2018
 DSS05716416  936899   Cook (S)  St. Michaels, AZ  23,254.40  10/29/2018
 DSS05716417  240713   Custodian(S)  Tsaile,AZ  21,320.00  10/29/2018
 DSS05716418  947969   Office Assistant (S)  Hogback, NM  21,320.00  10/29/2018
 DSS05716437  240409   Senior Caseworker (S)  Window Rock, AZ  30,035.20  11/01/2018

Department for Self Reliance

 DSS03916214  943157   Accountant (S)  Window Rock, AZ  37,627.20  OUF
 DSS03916391  244324   Case Management Specialist(S)  Farmington, NM  41,641.60  10/24/2018
 DSS03916392  244323   Case Management Specialist(S)  Gallup, NM  41,641.60  10/24/2018
 DSS03916404  244322   Case Management Specialist(S)  Chinle, AZ  41,641.60  10/26/2018
 DSS03916405  244325   Case Management Specialist(S)  Kayenta, AZ  41,641.60  10/26/2018

Department of Developmental Disabilities

 DSS05616426  925125   Case Management Specialist  Window Rock, AZ  41,641.60  11/01/2018

Department of Family Services

 DSS08916368  940136   Senior Caseworker  Crownpoint, NM  30,035.20  10/23/2018


 DSS05616342  244204   Programs and Projects Specialist(S)  Window Rock, AZ  38,188.80  10/26/2018
 DSS05616386  242197   Contract Analyst(S)  Window Rock, AZ  38,188.80  10/23/2018


Department of Roads

 DOT10716079  242287   Heavy Equipment Operator  Pinon, AZ  31,948.80  OUF
 DOT10716080  242281   Senior Heavy Equipment Operator  Tohajiilee, NM  34,881.60  OUF
 DOT10716081  242284   Senior Heavy Equipment Operator  Red Valley, AZ  34,881.60  OUF

Planning Department

 DOT10616411  946253   Principal Planner  TseBonito, NM  53,643.20  OUF


Eastern Navajo Land Commission

 LB00316435  241303   GIS Technician  Crownpoint, NM  35,755.20  11/01/2018

Office of Legislative Services

 LB08115816  244143   Legislative Transcriptionist (S)  Window Rock, AZ  29,307.20  OUF
 LB08116408  243489   Legislative Reporter (S)  Window Rock, AZ  27,601.60  OUF

Office of the Auditor General

 LB01116406  230136   Associate Auditor (S)  Window Rock, AZ  38,188.80  11/09/2018


Office of Tax Commission

 NTC05315933  233946   Tax Attorney (S)  Saint Michaels, AZ  66,227.20  OUF
 NTC05315836  268721   Tax Compliance Officer (S)  Saint Michaels, AZ  37,627.20  OUF


Office of the Attorney General

 DOJ00616330  204733   Attorney  Window Rock, AZ  66,227.20  OUF
 DOJ00616329  202235   Senior Attorney  Window Rock, AZ  78,707.20  OUF

Office of the Prosecutor

 DOJ01016328  204739   Attorney (S)  Kayenta, AZ  66,227.20  OUF


General Accounting Section

 OOC02816419  229634   Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S)  Window Rock, AZ  25,355.20  10/29/2018

Office of the Controller

 OOC02816164  244027   Investment Manager (S)  Window Rock, AZ  74,609.60  OUF

Purchasing Services Department

 OOC02616172  211062   Buyer (S)  Window Rock, AZ  24,731.20  OUF


Navajo Gaming Regulatory

 OPV00416229  242725   Gaming Surveillance Observer (S) (4 Pos)  Twin Arrows, AZ  34,881.60  OUF

(OUF) Open Until Filled
(S) Sensitive Position (subject to background check)
* DOE - Depending on Experience ($44,054.40 - $50,772.80)
** DOE - Depending on Experience ($52,062.40 - $60,361.60)
*** DOE - Depending on Experience ($65,249.60 - $73,486.40)
**** DOE - Depending on Experience ($71,156.80 - $82,451.20)
***** DOE - Depending on Experience ($84,531.20 - $97,531.20)
****** DOE - Depending on Experience ($91,644.80 - $106,225.60)
******* DOE - Depending on Experience ($56,721.60 - $65,790.40)
******** DOE - Depending on Experience ($61,834.40 - $71,676.80)

All positions, position titles and salaries are subject to applicable tribal laws, policies, and procedures.

NOTE TO PROSPECTIVE APPLICANTS:   A Navajo Nation Application for Employment must be submitted to the Department of Personnel Management, on or before the closing date, for each position you wish to be considered.  Applications submitted after the closing date will not be considered. All applications for Employment must be filled out in its entirety, including dates of employment.  Resumes are optional and can be attached to the application

Veterans' Preference Applies
The Navajo Nation gives preference to eligible and qualified applicants in accordance with the Navajo Preference in Employment Act (NPEA)

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