New Job Openings: October 20, 2021

For the safety and well-being of employees, the DPM will be accepting Navajo Nation Employment applications electronically via email ( or facsimile (928-871-6976) ONLY.  We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Telephone No: (928) 871-6330
Fax No: (928) 871-6976

Employment Opportunities

When applying for a position with the Navajo Nation, you must utilize the official Navajo Nation Employment Application (09.16.2016 Revised) to apply for the jobs currently being advertised. If using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari (Other than Microsoft Ege) browsers, please download the NN application and use Adobe PDF reader to utilize the fill-in capabilities. Please refrain from sending picture (.gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png) file formats. Due to network security, NNDPM does not accept linked or shared documents. If this is your first time submitting an application to the Navajo Nation via e-mail, you will be required to verify your e-mail address with our spam filter (Sendio). Upon candidate selection, any position titles that have been deemed sensitive will require the selected candidate to undergo a background check, and fees will be incurred for this process.  Background investigations are conducted by the Office of Background Investigation. If you have any more questions about the background investigation process, please contact the OBI Staff. Lastly, if you would like to claim Navajo Nation Veterans Preference, please complete and submit the DD214 form here  Veterans Preference. Thanks!

By Executive Order, mandating that all Executive and Judicial departments review the Navajo Nation Sexual Harassment policy and attend sexual harassment training. Staff Development & Training Department (SDTD) has partnered with the Navajo Nation Department of Personnel Management (DPM) to conduct training and a review of personnel policy and procedures regarding Sexual Harassment. Staff Development and Training Department will provide the mandated Sexual Harassment Training, free of charge with the dates listed.

These are other job resources available.

Department of Personnel Application Process

All applications MUST be submitted to the Navajo Nation Department of Personnel Management (NNDPM) on or BEFORE 5:00 p.m. on the position's specified closing date. Applications are accepted via email (, mail (PO Box 7080 Window Rock, AZ 86515), fax (928) 871-6976, and also hand-delivered to our office. DPM does not make copies. When emailing, please print, sign and scan your application as an actual signature is required.

Required to be submitted with your Navajo Nation Employment Application (09.16.2016 Revised)

  • Certificate of Navajo Indian Blood (CNIB) to receive Navajo Preference.
  • Copy of HS Diploma / GED Certificate
  • Copies of transcripts and degree(s) to receive credit for education.
  • Certifications (i.e. First Aid, CPR, etc.)
  • Copy of Valid State Driver License/ID.
  • A (Non-Navajo Spouse) is eligible to receive Navajo preference under the NPEA (Navajo Preference in Employment Act). To receive Non-Navajo Spouse Preference, the following supporting documents are required to accompany the Navajo Nation employ ment application: Proof of marriage by a marriage license, proof of residency and spouse's Certificate of Navajo Indian Blood (CNIB).

  • Optional

  • Resume
  • Letter of Interest
  • Leters of Reference

  • Veterans Preference

  • In order to receive Veterens Preference, a Form DD214 and /or DD215 and Application for Veterans Preference must be attached.

  • Appeals

  • Applicants who have been deemed not qualified for a position may submit a written appeal to the Human Resources Director within ten (10) working days from the date of the non-qualified notice.
  • No addtional information, other than that contained in the original application (e.g., resume, degrees, transcripts, licensure, etc.), will be considered in the appeal for re-evaluation. Any negative finding of documents not attached to the original application will not be considered in the appeal process.

  • Notice

  • All applications and supporting documents submitted become the property of the DPM and will not be returned.
  • Ensure application(s) is complete, signed and the required documents are submitted at the time of submission.
  • "See Resume" on the application is unacceptable and will result in an incomplete application, and is not considered an appeal.
  • If applying for more than one position, an application is required for each position you apply for.
  • **Announcement**

    Starting March 01, 2017, Department of Personnel Management is requesting that you attach your Navajo Nation Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB) to your Navajo Nation Employment Application (Revised 09/16/2016) to receive Navajo Preference.

    Fax applications to:           (928) 871-6976

    Email applications to:

    Copies of the prior weekly Job Vacancy Announcements (JVA) are available. Job Vacancy Announcements from prior posting are provided only for reference. DPM is only accepting applications for jobs on the current listing. Select the JVA you wish to view or print.



    Administrative Service Centers

     DCD13319371  236125  Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S)  Red Lake, NM  26,726.40  OUF
     DCD13419162  236040  Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S)  Forest Lake, AZ  26,726.40  OUF
     DCD13518469  236062  Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S)  Alamo, NM  26,726.40  OUF
     DCD13719587  230101  Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S)  Kaibeto, AZ  26,726.40  OUF
     DCD13720011  230097  Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S)  Coalmine Mesa, AZ  26,726.40  OUF
     DCD13720178  230105  Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S)  Navajo Mountain, AZ  26,726.40  OUF
     DCD13421539  236043  Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S)  Lukachukai, AZ  26,726.40  OUF
     DCD134621683  208468  Community Services Coordinator (S)  Red Valley, AZ  37,709.28  OUF
     DCD13421925  230000  Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S)  Black Mesa, AZ  27,519.84  10/20/2021
     DCD13521931  208430  Community Services Coordinator (S)  Whitehorse Lake, NM  38,836.80  10/27/2021
     DCD13521934  236073  Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S)  Huerfano, NM  27,519.84  10/20/2021
     DCD13621926  236161  Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S)  Teecnospos, NM  27,519.84  10/20/2021
     DCD13721935  210308  Community Services Coordinator (S)  Tolani Lake, AZ  38,836.80  OUF
     DCD13721936  230109  Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S)  Tolani Lake, AZ  27,519.84  OUF
     DCD13621951  202845  Community Services Coordinator (S)  Sanostee, NM  38,836.80  OUF

    Capital Projects Management

     DCD06721963  201437  Programs & Projects Specialist (S)  Window Rock, AZ  41,488.56  10/29/2021


    AdavancED Navajo Nation

     DODE04420860  241087  Principal Education Specialist  Window Rock, AZ  61,637.76  OUF

    Department of Dine Education

     DODE04420172  240136  Assistant Superintendent  Window Rock, AZ  91,851.12  OUF
     DODE04421896  203494  Accountant  Window Rock, AZ  41,488.56  OUF

    Navajo Head Start

     DODE78121427  945276  HS Teacher (S)  Pinedale, NM  19.06  OUF
     DODE86021426  241329  HS Teacher (S)  Tuba City, AZ  19.06  OUF
     DODE86821938  945159  HS Classroom Teacher (S)  Inscription House, AZ  25.17  10/27/2021
     DODE87621939  241572  HS Classroom Teacher (S)  Shonto, AZ  25.17  10/27/2021

    Office of Dine' School Improvement

     DODE04419694  934652  Senior Education Specialist  Tuba City, AZ  51,865.92  OUF
     DODE04421257  934648  Senior Education Specialist  Window Rock, AZ  51,865.92  OUF
     DODE04421937  934671  Education Administrator  Window Rock, AZ  75,460.32  10/20/2021

    Office of Standards, Curriculum & Assessment Development

     DODE04421521  234461  Senior Education Specialist  Window Rock, AZ  53,431.92  OUF
     DODE04421957  263258  Senior Education Specialist (S)  Window Rock, AZ  53,431.92  10/29/2021

    Office of Dine' Youth

     DODE08020844  243957  Recreation Aide (S)  Tuba City, AZ  20,629.44  OUF
     DODE08021018  200900  Recreation Aide (S)(4 Pos)  Shiprock, NM  20,629.44  OUF

    Navajo Nation Scholarship & Financial Assistance

     DODE04820410  940760  Application Systems Programmer  Window Rock, AZ  51,865.92  OUF
     DODE04821853  940763  Senior Financial Aid Counselor  Crownpoint, NM  47,877.84  OUF

    Office of Special Education & Rehabilitation Services

     DODE04419111  240777  Developmental Specialist (S)  Tuba City, AZ  43,910.64  OUF
     DODE04419695  931502  Speech Language Pathologist (S)  Gallup, NM  77,297.76  OUF
     DODE04419937  243632  Senior Accountant(S)  Window Rock, AZ  47,877.84  OUF

    Torreon Community Library

     DODE04421419  244428  Programs & Projects Specialist (S)  Torreon, NM  40,277.52  OUF


    Real Estate Department

     DED01421096  241753  Contract Compliance Officer  St. Michaels, AZ  43,910.64  OUF

    Business Regulatory Department

     DED01421940  209912  Programs & Projects Specialist  St. Michaels, AZ  41,488.56  10/20/2021


    Navajo Air Transportation Department

     DGS03621496  202515  Air Transportation Director (S)  Window Rock, AZ  ******DOE  OUF
     DGS03621690  240770  Aircraft Pilot (S)  Window Rock, AZ  ******DOE  OUF

    Fleet Management Department

     DGS02718763  202375  Auto Parts Technician (S)  Tuba City, AZ  24,513.12  OUF
     DGS02719688  202391  Automotive Technician (S)  Tuba City, AZ  34,514.64  OUF

    Navajo Transit System

     DGS00519786  241602  Motor Coach Driver (S)  Flagstaff, AZ  29,127.60  OUF
     DGS00519787  944398  Motor Coach Driver (S)  Tuba City, AZ  29,127.60  OUF
     DGS00521535  244002  Motor Coach Driver (S)  Shiprock, NM  29,127.60  OUF
     DGS00521536  242040  Motor Coach Driver (S)  Sanders, AZ  29,127.60  OUF

    NN Telecommunications & Utilities Department

     DGS14020751  243882  Radio Technician (S)  Window Rock, AZ  31,674.96  OUF

    Risk Management Department

     DGS02521375  204880  Senior Safety Technician (S)  Window Rock, AZ  37,709.28  OUF
     DGS02521377  234523  Senior Safety Technician (S)  Fort Defiance, AZ  37,709.28  OUF

    Insurance Service Department/Employee Benefits

     DGS06621794  241007  Accountant (S)  Window Rock, AZ  40,277.52  OUF


    Behavioral & Mental Health Services

     DOH07217969  941866  Clinical Psychologist (S)  Shiprock, NM  *****DOE  OUF
     DOH07217988  242027  Clinical Specialist (S)  Shiprock, NM  **DOE  OUF
     DOH07217991  945804  Clinical Family Therapist (S)(2 Pos)  Shiprock, NM  ***DOE  OUF
     DOH07218417  947976  Clinical Specialist (S)  Crownpoint, NM  **DOE  OUF
     DOH07218468  941869  Clinical Family Therapist (S)  Gallup, NM  ***DOE  OUF
     DOH07219051  947046  Clinical Director (S)  Kayenta, AZ  ****DOE  OUF
     DOH07219052  941627  Clinical Specialist (S)  Tuba City, AZ  **DOE  OUF
     DOH07219053  948222  Clinical Specialist (S) (2 Pos)  Gallup, NM  **DOE  OUF
     DOH07219073  947144  Clinical Specialist (S)  Fort Defiance, AZ  **DOE  OUF
     DOH07219955  947006  Clinical Director (S)  Crownpoint, NM  ****DOE  OUF
     DOH07220419  944749  Traditional Practitioner (S) (2 Pos)  Shiprock, NM  37,709.28  OUF
     DOH07220420  944950  Cook (S)  Shiprock, NM  24,513.12  OUF
     DOH07220421  240449  Adaptive Education Teacher(S)  Shiprock, NM  51,865.92  OUF
     DOH07220654  943278  Prin Substance Abuse Counselor (8 Pos)(S)  Shiprock, NM  ******DOE  OUF
    DOH07220657  946012  Clinical Director (S)  Kaibeto, AZ  ******DOE  OUF
    DOH07220696  240034  Clinical Specialist-Intern (S)  New Lands, AZ  51,865.92  OUF
     DOH07221901  949060  Senior Contract Analyst (S)  Window Rock, AZ  49,318.56  11/02/2021
     DOH07221920  943644  Clinical Speciaist-Intern (S)  Tuba City, AZ  53,431.92  10/26/2021

    CHR & Outreach Program

     DOH03819929  947820  Social Hygiene Technician (S)  Tuba City, AZ  29,127.60 OUF
     DOH03821740  947814  TB Control Technician (S)  Fort Defiance, AZ  29,127.60 10/22/2021
     DOH03821783  947729  Community Health Worker (S)  Crystal, NM  37,709.28 10/22/2021
     DOH03821784  947799  Community Health Worker (S)  Klagetoh, AZ  37,709.28 10/22/2021
     DOH03821785  946602  Community Health Worker (S)  Kaibeto, AZ  37,709.28 10/22/2021
     DOH03821786  947730  Community Health Worker (S)  Lupton, AZ  37,709.28 10/22/2021
     DOH03821905  943504  Community Health Worker (S)  Burnham, NM  38,836.80 10/26/2021
     DOH03821906  947802  Community Health Worker (S)  Birdsprings, AZ  38,836.80 10/26/2021
     DOH03821929  943502  Community Health Worker (S)  Becenti, NM  38,836.80 10/27/2021
     DOH03821930  943508  Community Health Worker (S)  Teecnospos, NM  38,836.80 10/27/2021

    Department of Health

     DOH06419189  941532  Systems & Programming Manager (S)  Window Rock, AZ 67,191.84  OUF
     DOH06420367  244650  Health Services Admin (PHS)(S)  Window Rock, AZ  79,866.00  OUF
     DOH06421851  943846  Senior Accountant  Window Rock, AZ  47,877.84  10/29/2021

    Division of Aging & Long Term Care Support

     DOH11720942  156247  Senior Center Supervisor (S)  Torreon, NM  34,514.64  OUF
     DOH11819769  276462  Driver (S)  Ganado, AZ   24,513.12  OUF
     DOH11820193  238920  Cook (S)  Jeddito, AZ   24,513.12  OUF
     DOH12018218  278183  Cook (S)  Lechee, AZ   24,513.12  OUF
     DOH12018807  207078  Cook (S)  Cameron, AZ   24,513.12  OUF
     DOH12019094  272915  Senior Center Supervisor (S)  Leupp, AZ  34,514.64  OUF
     DOH12021152  233636  Cook (S)  Tolani Lake, AZ   24,513.12  OUF
     DOH12021604  207092  Driver (S)  Tuba City, AZ   24,513.12  OUF
     DOH12021637  244032  Statistical Technician (S)  Tuba City, AZ   24,513.12  OUF
     DOH12021693  207093  Driver (S)(2 Pos)  LeChee, AZ   24,513.12  OUF
     DOH11721703  278533  Cook (S)  Pinedale, NM   24,513.12  OUF
     DOH11921941  240337  Driver (S)  Shiprock, NM   25,513.12  10/20/2021
     DOH11821918  233573  Driver (S)  Naschitti, NM   25,513.12  10/20/2021
     DOH11821975  276460  Cook (S)  Ganado, AZ   25,243.92  11/08/2021
     DOH11821976  233631  Cook (S)  Twin Lakes, NM   25,243.92  11/08/2021

    Kayenta Public Health Nursing Program

     DOH15218729  941749  Community Health Nurse Director (S)  Kayenta, AZ  *****DOE  OUF
     DOH15221102  947663  Community Health Nurse Supervisor (S)  Inscription House, AZ  64,999.44  OUF

    Office of Environmental Health & Protection Program

     DOH05021954  244227  Office Specialist (S)  Window Rock, AZ  27,519.84  10/29/2021

    Navajo Special Diabetes Project

    DOH06319191  947179  Fitness Specialist (S)  Teecnospos, AZ  37,709.28  OUF
    DOH06321915  244723  Custodian (S)  Tuba City, AZ  23,155.92  11/02/2021
    DOH06321428  244722  Custodian (S)  Shiprock, NM  22,487.76  OUF
    DOH06321512  241783  Fitness Specialist (S)(2 Pos)  Crownpoint, NM  37,709.28  OUF
    DOH06321541  947188  Health Education Technician (S)  Kayenta, AZ  29,127.60  OUF

    W.I.C. Nutrition Program

    DOH07521109  946537  Senior Nutrition Worker (S)  Winslow, AZ  29,127.60  OUF

    Navajo Health Education Program

    DOH11421959  947964  Health Educator (aka HIV Educator) (S)  Winslow, AZ  41,488.56  11/05/2021
    DOH11421961  949492  Health Education Technician (S)  Chinle, AZ  30,004.56  10/29/2021
    DOH11421962  949505  Office Specialist (S)  Window Rock, AZ  27,519.84  10/29/2021
    DOH11421964  949510  Office Specialist (S)  Winslow, AZ  27,519.84  10/29/2021
    DOH11421965  949499  Health Educator (S)  Dzilth, AZ  41,488.56  11/05/2021
    DOH11421966  240782  Health Educator (S)  Kayenta, AZ  41,488.56  11/15/2021
    DOH11421967  949489  Senior Health Educator (S)  Shiprock, NM  49,318.56  10/29/2021
    DOH11421968  949484  Senior Health Educator (S)  Chinle, AZ  49,318.56  10/29/2021


    Department of Child Support Enforcement

     DHR15119163  241436  Tribal Court Advocate(S)  St. Michaels, AZ 43,910.64  OUF
     DHR15121949  947694  Office Specialist (S)  Shiprock, NM 27,519.84  10/28/2021
     DHR15121950  948064  Office Specialist (S)  Crownpoint, NM 27,519.84  10/28/2021
     DHR15121953  947141  Office Specialist (S)  St. Michaels, AZ 27,519.84  10/29/2021

    Department of Personnel Management

     DHR02221387  212222  HR IT Manager (S)  Window Rock, AZ 56,584.80  OUF
     DHR02221566  218230  Network Specialist (S)  Window Rock, AZ 50,237.28  OUF

    Navajo Office of Vital Records

     DHR02421943  244793  Network Specialist  Window Rock, AZ 51,740.64  10/27/2021



    Fish & Wildlife Department

     DNR12621552  244773  Contract Compliance Officer (S)  Window Rock, AZ  43,910.64  OUF
     DNR12621798  244151  Wildlife Biologist (S)  Window Rock, AZ  47,877.84  OUF

    Minerals Department

     DNR01220900  244459  Associate Minerals Auditor (S)  Window Rock, AZ  40,277.52  OUF
     DNR01220901  947953  Minerals Auditor (S)  Window Rock, AZ  47,877.84  OUF

    Parks & Recreation Department

     DNR05821504  243261  Parks Maintenance Worker  Cameron, AZ  24,513.12  OUF
     DNR05821506  241948  Fee Collector (S)  Four Corners National Monument  22,487.76  OUF
     DNR05821508  243250  Fee Collector (S)  Teenospos, AZ  22,487.76  OUF
     DNR05821597  244059  Fee Collector (S) (2 Positions)  Cameron, AZ  22,487.76  OUF
     DNR05821510  244057  Laborer (S)  Teecnospos, AZ  20,629.44  OUF
     DNR05821698  244267  Laborer (S)  Cameron, AZ  20,629.44  OUF
     DNR05821717  243260  Office Assistant (S)  Cameron, AZ  22,487.76  OUF
     DNR05821718  244069  Fee Collector (S) (3 Positions)  Monument Valley, AZ  23,155.92  OUF
     DNR05821977  898455  Fee Collector Supervisor (S)  Monument Valley, AZ  30,004.56  11/01/2021
     DNR05821988  243830  Fee Collector (S) (2 Positions)  Lechee, AZ  23,155.92  OUF

    Water Resources Department

     DNR05220819  938294  Associate Civil Engineer  Fort Defiance, AZ  54,726.48  OUF
     DNR05220845  203027  Equipment Operator  Tohajiilee, NM  29,127.60  OUF
     DNR05221463  224833  Construction Supervisor  Teecnospos, AZ  37,709.28  OUF

    Navajo Nation Museum

     DNR06121913  283034  Custodian (S)  Window Rock, AZ  23,155.92  10/26/2021


    Division of Public Safety

     DPS12120601  244619  Medical Investigator (S)  Shiprock, NM  50,237.28  OUF
     DPS12120602  244618  Chief Medical Investigator (S)  Shiprock, NM  77,297.76  OUF
     DPS12120603  244617  Medical Examiner (S)  Shiprock, NM  118,389.60  OUF
     DPS12120604  244621  Statistician/Demographer(S)  Shiprock, NM  61,637.76  OUF

    Emergency Medical Services

     DPS04720875  244420  Paramedic (S)(Temp)  Navajo Nation Wide  40,277.52  OUF
     DPS04720876  244420  EMT-Intermediate (S)(Temp)  Navajo Nation Wide  34,514.64  OUF
     DPS04720877  244420  EMT Basic (S)(Temp)  Navajo Nation Wide  31,674.96  OUF
     DPS04720878  244420  EMT Instructor/Coordinator(S)(Temp)  Navajo Nation Wide  37,709.28  OUF
     DPS04721927  947868  Paramedic (S)  Kayenta, AZ  41,488.56  10/20/2021
     DPS04721971  947926  Paramedic (S)  Tuba City, AZ  41,488.56  10/29/2021
     DPS04721972  946102  EMT Intermediate (S)  Tohajiilee, NM  35,558.64  10/29/2021
     DPS04721973  943240  Office Specialist (S)  Tohatchi, NM  27,519.84  11/05/2021
     DPS04721974  947932  EMT Supervisor (S)  Shiprock, NM  45,226.08  10/29/2021

    Navajo Police Department

     DPS06521474  944290  Police Officer (S)  Navajo Nation Wide 50,550.48  OUF
     DPS06521564  940700  Police Recruit (S)  Navajo Nation Wide 49,276.80  OUF
     DPS07120947  213234  Public Safety Telecomm Operator (S)  Tuba City, AZ 29,127.60  OUF
     DPS06521322  944339  Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S)  Window Rock, AZ 26,726.40  OUF
     DPS07321328  244514  Police Property Clerk (S)  Shiprock, NM 22,487.76  OUF
     DPS02121952  244826  Senior Information Systems Technician (S)  Window Rock, AZ 40,110.48  10/27/2021
     DPS02121969  940716  Lead Police Records Clerk (S)  Window Rock, AZ 27,514.84  10/29/2021

    Department of Criminal Investigations

     DPS13221948  940818  Evidence Technician (S)  Tuba City, AZ 35,558.64  10/29/2021


    Office of Executive Director

     DSS05621956  932382  Principal Information Systems Technician(S)  Window Rock, AZ  43,785.36  OUF

    Department of Child Care & Development

     DSS05721251  947847  Child Development Aide (S) (3 Pos)
     Shiprock, NM 20,629.44  OUF

    Department for Self Reliance

     DSS03918087  943157  Accountant (S)  Window Rock, AZ  40,277.52  OUF
     DSS03921469  240180  Senior Public Information Officer (S)  Window Rock, AZ  43,910.64  OUF
     DSS03921944  242003  Program Manager III (S)  Window Rock, AZ  69,217.20  10/27/2021
     DSS03921982  242419  Case Assistant (S)  Greasewood, AZ  23,155.92  11/02/2021
     DSS03921983  942386  Case Assistant (S)  Kayenta, AZ  23,155.92  11/02/2021
     DSS03921985  241468  Case Worker (S)  Chinle, AZ  25,243.92  11/02/2021

    Department of Family Services

     DSS15320792  942104  Case Management Specialist (S)  Dilkon, AZ  43,910.64  OUF
     DSS15321752  903457  Accountant (S)  Window Rock, AZ  40,277.52  OUF

    Navajo Treatment Center for Children and Their Families

     DSS04521914  240893  Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S)  Window Rock, AZ  27,519.84  10/26/2021

    Navajo Family Assistance Service

     DSS09121942  940876  Senior Caseworker (S)  Shiprock, NM  32,635.44  10/29/2021

    Navajo Indian Child Welfare Act Program

     DSS04621987  243987  Research Assistant (S)  St. Michaels, AZ  23,155.92  11/02/2021


    Ethics and Rules Office

     LB00319827  241383  Ethics Presenting Officer (S)  Window Rock, AZ 51,865.92  OUF

    Office of Legislative Counsel

     LB07719783  230203  Attorney  Window Rock, AZ  70,908.48  OUF

    Office of the Auditor General

     LB01118214  211880  Auditor General(S)  Window Rock, AZ  *******DOE  OUF
     LB01121316  230178  Associate Auditor (S)  Window Rock, AZ  40,277.52  OUF


    Office of the Attorney General

     DOJ00621082  246026  Principal Tribal Court Advocate  Window Rock, AZ  61,637.76  OUF
     DOJ00621189  249572  Principal Attorney  Window Rock, AZ  99,576.72  OUF
     DOJ00621642  241394  Attorney Candidate  Window Rock, AZ  64,999.44  OUF
     DOJ00621830  240419  Senior Programmer Analyst  Window Rock, AZ  54,726.00  OUF

    Office of the Chief Prosecutor

     DOJ01019785  297943  Chief Prosecutor (S)  Window Rock, AZ  118,389.60  OUF

    Office of the Prosecutor

     DOJ01021495  244396  Legal Secretary (S)  Dilkon, AZ  29,127.60  OUF
     DOJ01020963  243867  Attorney (S)  Ramah, NM  70,908.48  OUF
     DOJ01021487  244513  Prosecutor (S)  Kayenta, AZ  47,877.84  OUF


    Air & Toxics Department/Air Quality Control Program

     EPA01520471  941307  Environmental Specialist  Fort Defiance, AZ  47,877.84  OUF
     EPA01520700  936108  Senior Environmental Specialist  Fort Defiance, AZ  51,865.92  OUF

    Surface/Ground Water Protection Department

     EPA01520961  941924  Civil Engineer  Window Rock, AZ  64,999.44  OUF
     EPA01520962  244711  Hydrologist  Window Rock, AZ  54,726.48  OUF

    Waste Regulatory & Compliance Deparment/Superfund Program

     EPA01521238  946398  Senior Remedial Project Manager (S)  St. Michael, AZ  61,637.76  OUF

    Waste Regulatory & Compliance Deparment

     EPA01521478  948892  Geologist (S)  Window Rock, AZ  59,695.92  OUF


    Office of Management & Budget

     OMB01621476  219868  Senior Contract Analayst (S) (6 Pos)  Window Rock, AZ  47,877.84  OUF
     OMB01621483  259030  Budget Officer (S)  Window Rock, AZ  61,637.76  OUF


    Contract Accounting Section

     OOC02821826  242499  Associate Accountant (S)(2 Pos)  Window Rock, AZ  37,709.28  OUF

    Accounts Receivable Section

     OOC02821759  242498  Associate Accountant (S)  Window Rock, AZ  37,709.28  OUF

    Credit Services Department

     OOC06921603  240193  Accountant Technician (S)  Window Rock, AZ  24,513.12  OUF


    Navajo Nation Gaming Regulatory Office

     OPV00421084  240278  Executive Director (S)  Window Rock, AZ  79,866.00  OUF
     OPV00421660  242725  Gaming Surveillance Observer (S)(6 Pos)  Twin Arrows, AZ  37,709.28  OUF
     OPV00421946  244328  Program & Projects Specialist (S)  Window Rock, AZ  41,488.56  10/28/2021

    Navajo Nation Veterans Administration

     OPV03721945  202129  Veterans Service Officer (S)  Fort Defiance, AZ  35,558.64  10/27/2021
     OPV03721947  202131  Veterans Service Officer (S)  Crownpoint, NM  35,558.64  10/27/2021
     OPV03721865  244656  Housing Specialist (S)  Chinle, AZ  45,226.08  11/02/2021
     OPV03721990  244657  Housing Specialist (S)  Crownpoint, NM  45,226.08  11/02/2021
     OPV03721991  244658  Housing Specialist (S)  Fort Defiance, AZ  45,226.08  11/02/2021
     OPV03721992  244659  Housing Specialist (S)  Shiprock, NM  45,226.08  11/02/2021
     OPV03721993  244660  Housing Specialist (S)  Tuba City, AZ  45,226.08  11/02/2021

    Navajo Nation Washington Office

     OPV08420851  209805  Gov't & Legislative Affairs Associate  Washington, D.C.  70,908.48  OUF

    Office of Navajo Public Defender

     OPV00719454  216915  Senior Tribal Court Advocate  Window Rock, AZ 51,856.92  OUF
     OPV00720071  243284  Senior Attorney  Tuba City, AZ  84,271.68  OUF

    (OUF) Open Until Filled
    (S) Sensitive Position (subject to background check)
    (T) Temporary Position
    * DOE - Depending on Experience ($52,936.00 - $61,360.00)
    ** DOE - Depending on Experience ($54,724.80 - $63,440.00)
    *** DOE - Depending on Experience ($59,612.80 - $69,118.40)
    **** DOE - Depending on Experience ($64,979.20 - $75,316.80)
    ***** DOE - Depending on Experience ($74,755.20 - $86,632.00)
    ****** DOE - Depending on Experience ($77,251.20 - $89,502.40)
    ******* DOE - Depending on Experience ($96,304.00 - $115,003.20)

    All positions, position titles and salaries are subject to applicable tribal laws, policies, and procedures.

    NOTE TO PROSPECTIVE APPLICANTS:   A Navajo Nation Application for Employment must be submitted to the Department of Personnel Management, on or before the closing date, for each position you wish to be considered.  Applications submitted after the closing date will not be considered. All applications for Employment must be filled out in its entirety, including dates of employment.  Resumes are optional and can be attached to the application

    Veterans' Preference Applies
    The Navajo Nation gives preference to eligible and qualified applicants in accordance with the Navajo Preference in Employment Act (NPEA)

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