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Employment Opportunities

Below is our current list of job vacancies. If you wish to submit your application, please send it via e-mail, mail, in person, or you can fax us at the number listed below. Thanks!

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Copies of the prior bi-weekly Job Vacancy Announcements (JVA) are available. Job Vacancy Announcements from prior posting are provided only for reference. DPM is only accepting applications for jobs on the current listing. Select the JVA you wish to view or print.



Administrative Service Center

 DCD1389576 243202   Accountant  Shiprock, NM  37,065.60  OUF
 DCD1389607 243200   Accountant  Baca, NM  37,065.60  OUF
 DCD1389608 243210   Accountant  Crownpoint, NM  37,065.60  OUF
 DCD1399796 243353   Attorney  Window Rock, AZ  *DOE  OUF
 DCD1399800 243354   Attorney  Crownpoint, NM  *DOE  OUF
 DCD1399802 243355   Attorney  Shiprock, NM  *DOE  OUF
 DCD1399805 243356   Attorney  Tuba City, AZ  *DOE  OUF
 DCD1389585 243220   Planner  Baca, NM  37,065.60  OUF
 DCD1389610 243221   Planner  Baca, NM  37,065.60  OUF
 DCD13910201 243232   Planner  Dennehotso, AZ  37,065.60  OUF
 DCD1399613 243229   Planner  Birdsprings, AZ  37,065.60  OUF
 DCD1399615 243231   Planner  Shonto, AZ  37,065.60  OUF

ASC - Chinle Agency

 DCD13410196 236043   Accounts Maintenance Specialist  Lukachukai, AZ  24,128.00  06/09/2015
 DCD1349824 202777   Community Services Coordinator  Whippoorwill, AZ  34,028.80  OUF

ASC - Fort Defiance Agency

 DCD1339724 236112   Accounts Maintenance Specialist  Klagetoh, AZ  24,128.00  OUF
 DCD13310140 202811   Community Services Coordinator  Crystal, NM  34,028.80  06/02/2015

ASC - Shiprock Agency

 DCD13610138 236161   Accounts Maintenance Specialist  Teecnospos, AZ  24,128.00  06/02/2015
 DCD1369858 236157   Accounts Maintenance Specialist  Sanostee, NM  24,128.00  OUF
 DCD1369654 208471   Community Services Coordinator  Shiprock, NM  34,028.80  OUF

ASC - Tuba City Agencyy

 DCD1379040 230105   Accounts Maintenance Specialist  Navajo Mountain, AZ  24,128.00  OUF
 DCD1379085 230109   Accounts Maintenance Specialist  Tolani Lake, AZ  24,128.00  OUF



 DOE0449996 203494   Accountant  Window Rock, AZ  37,065.60  OUF

Navajo Head Start

 DOE74410142 945752   Head Start Bus Driver(S)  Rock Springs, NM  13.24  06/02/2015
 DOE85610118 945231   Head Start Bus Driver(S)  Leupp, AZ  13.24  OUF
 DOE86010119 947466   Head Start Bus Driver(S)  Tuba City, AZ  13.24  OUF
 DOE86810117 945195   Head Start Bus Driver(S)  Inscription House, AZ  13.24  OUF
 DOE86910067 945227   Head Start Bus Driver(S)  Kaibeto, AZ  13.24  OUF
 DOE87210068 947463   Head Start Bus Driver(S)  Tonalea, AZ  13.24  OUF
 DOE87410065 241580   Head Start Bus Driver(S)  Navajo Mountain, AZ  13.24  OUF
 DOE87610064 241579   Head Start Bus Driver(S)  Shonto, AZ  13.24  OUF
 DOE79710197 945240   Head Start Classroom Teacher (S)  Church Rock, NM  20.38  06/09/2015
 DOE80610143 945238   Head Start Classroom Teacher (S)  Red Rock, NM  20.38  06/02/2015
 DOE81510144 243159   HS ERSEA & Family Engagement Liaison (S)  Shiprock, NM  18.69  06/02/2015
 DOE81510198 243158   HS ERSEA & Family Engagement Liaison (S)  Shiprock, NM  18.69  06/09/2015
 DOE85010186 243032   HS School Readiness Coach (S)  Tuba City, AZ  24.08  06/09/2015
 DOE77010199 243396   HS Mental Health & Disab Liason (S)  Crownpoint, NM  18.69  06/09/2015
 DOE81510200 243398   HS Mental Health & Disab Liason (S)  Shiprock, NM  18.69  06/09/2015
 DOE81610185 242928   HS Paraprofessional (S)  Carson, NM  14.42  06/09/2015
 DOE85210191 243346   HS Paraprofessional (S)  Gap, AZ  14.42  06/09/2015
 DOE85410187 243115   HS Paraprofessional (S)  Lechee, AZ  14.42  06/09/2015
 DOE70110184 242926   Information Systems Technician (S)  Shiprock, NM  14.42  06/09/2015

Office of Dine' Youth

 DOE08010202 241829   Prevention Specialist (S)  Shiprock, NM  37,065.60  06/09/2015


Department of Information Technology

 DGS01810180 202616   Information Systems Technician  Window Rock, AZ  28,600.00  06/09/2015

Fleet Management Department

 DGS02710151 233893   Custodian  Window Rock, AZ  17,097.60  06/02/2015
 DGS02710179 202329   Program Supervisor II  Window Rock, AZ  44,054.40  06/09/2015

Insurance Services Department

 DGS05110153 234897   Department Manager II  Window Rock, AZ  61,838.40  06/02/2015

NN Telecommunications & Utilities Department

 DGS14010149 243440   Accounts Maintenance Specialist (S)  Window Rock, AZ  24,128.00  06/02/2015



 DOH06410132 943097   Information Systems Technician  Window Rock, AZ  28,600.00  06/02/2015

CHR & Outreach Program

 DOH03810131 947673   Community Health Worker (S)  Whippoorwill, AZ  26,270.40  06/02/2015
 DOH03810133 947739   Senior Community Health Worker (S)  Tselani, AZ  34,028.80  06/02/2015
 DOH03810134 947770   Senior Community Health Worker (S)  Coalmine Mesa, AZ  34,028.80  06/02/2015
 DOH03810136 947745   Senior Community Health Worker (S)  Crownpoint, NM  34,028.80  06/02/2015
 DOH03810174 947763   Senior Community Health Worker (S)  Fruitland, NM  34,028.80  06/09/2015

Navajo Area Agency on Aging

 DOH11810135 158238   Senior Center Supervisor (S)  Teesto, AZ  31,179.20  06/02/2015

Navajo Nation Food Distribution Program

 DOH03510175 940365   Equipment Mechanic  Churchrock, NM  31,179.20  06/09/2015
 DOH03510177 940647   Food Distribution Truck Driver  Teec Nos Pos, AZ  26,270.40  06/09/2015
 DOH03510176 948384   Nutrition Education Technician  Leupp, AZ  26,270.40  06/09/2015

Navajo Nation Special Diabetes Project

 DOH06310137 947188   Health Education Technician (S)  Gouldings, UT  26,270.40  06/02/2015

Navajo Nation W.I.C. Program

 DOH07510173 944942   Sr Information Systems Technician  Window Rock, AZ  35,838.40  06/09/2015


Department of Personnel Management

 DHR02210165 243292   Human Resources Analyst (S)  Window Rock, AZ  40,414.40  06/02/2015
 DHR02210166 212222   Human Resources Systems Manager (S)  Window Rock, AZ  52,062.40  06/02/2015

Navajo Department of Workforce Development

 DHR0989316 936051   Accounts Maintenance Specialist  Tuba City, AZ  24,128.00  OUF

Office of Navajo Labor Relations

 DHR0099439 211690   Labor Compliance Officer (S)  Chinle, AZ  31,179.20  OUF
 DHR00910178 201185   Office Assistant  Window Rock, AZ  20,300.80  06/09/2015


Animal Control Program

 DNR12610181 211655   Senior Animal Control Officer (S)  Tuba City, AZ  31,179.20  06/09/2015

Archeology Department

 DNR08610182 241209   Archeologist  Window Rock, AZ  40,414.40  06/09/2015

Cadastral Program

 DNR01310152 153372   Senior Engineering Technician  Window Rock, AZ  28,600.00  06/02/2015

Minerals Department

 DNR01210076 243278   Hydrologist  Window Rock, AZ  50,377.60  OUF

Navajo Land Administration

 DNR0139715 153025   Senior Engineering Technician  Tuba City, AZ  28,600.00  OUF

Parks & Recreation

 DNR05810189 243260   Office Assistant  Cameron, AZ  20,300.80  06/09/2015
 DNR05810190 243261   Parks Maintenance Worker  Cameron, AZ  22,131.20  06/09/2015

Water Resources Department

 DNR05210183 242113   Equipment Operator  Teec Nos Pos, AZ  26,270.40  06/09/2015
 DNR0529623 942623   Senior Hydrologist  Fort Defiance, AZ  59,820.80  OUF


Emergency Medical Services

 DPS04710188 243182   EMT - Intern (Temporary) (S)  Navajo Nation Wide  22,131.20  06/09/2015

Navajo Department of Corrections

 DPS14910192 243423   Corrections Officer (S)  Kayenta, AZ  31,179.20  06/09/2015
 DPS14910148 242947   Office Specialist (S)  Crownpoint, NM  24,128.00  06/02/2015

Navajo Police Department

 DPS07010083 943985   Police Sergeant (S)  Chinle, AZ  47,756.80  OUF
 DPS07010085 943990   Police Sergeant (S)  Chinle, AZ  47,756.80  OUF
 DPS0599913 940679   Senior Police Officer (S)(2 Positions)  Kayenta, AZ  45,364.80  OUF
 DPS0659917 944298   Senior Police Officer (S)(2 Positions)  Window Rock, AZ  45,364.80  OUF
 DPS0709435 944004   Senior Police Officer (S)  Chinle, AZ  45,364.80  OUF
 DPS0709436 944029   Senior Police Officer (S)  Chinle, AZ  45,364.80  OUF
 DPS0709437 944010   Senior Police Officer (S)  Chinle, AZ  45,364.80  OUF
 DPS0719919 944230   Senior Police Officer (S)(2 Positions)  Tuba City, AZ  45,364.80  OUF
 DPS0739922 944174   Senior Police Officer (S)(2 Positions)  Shiprock, NM  45,364.80  OUF
 DPS0749923 944073   Senior Police Officer (S)  Crownpoint, NM  45,364.80  OUF
 DPS1319915 940742   Senior Police Officer (S)(2 Positions)  Dilkon, AZ  45,364.80  OUF


Child Care Development Fund Program

 DSS05710154 936830   Child Development Aide (S)  Shiprock, NM  18,616.00  06/02/2015
 DSS05710155 936786   Child Development Aide (S)  Hogback, NM  18,616.00  06/02/2015
 DSS05710156 936769   Child Development Aide (S)  Shiprock, NM  18,616.00  06/02/2015

Department for Self Reliance

 DSS03910063 241076   Senior Accountant (S)  Window Rock, AZ  44,054.40  OUF
 DSS03910150 941458   Senior Information Systems Technician (S)  Gallup, NM  35,838.40  06/02/2015

Department of Family Services

 DSS15310147 243478   Case Assistant (Temp-8 Positions)(S)  Navajo Nation Wide  20,300.80  06/02/2015
 DSS08810194 925120   Case Management Specialist (S)  Chinle, AZ  40,414.40  06/09/2015
 DSS15310146 243478   Office Aide (Temp-7 Positions)(S)  Navajo Nation Wide  17,097.60  06/02/2015
 DSS0889442 925117   Principal Social Worker (S)  Chinle, AZ  52,062.40  OUF
 DSS0939951 924972   Senior Social Worker(S)  Tuba City, AZ  44,054.40  OUF

Navajo Children and Family Services Program

 DSS0469952 242623   Principal Social Worker (S)  St. Michaels, AZ  52,062.40  OUF
 DSS0468807 240344   Senior Social Worker (S)  St. Michaels, AZ  44,054.40  OUF
 DSS0468808 933820   Senior Social Worker (S)  Window Rock, AZ  44,054.40  OUF
 DSS0469411 242104   Senior Social Worker (S)  Window Rock, AZ  44,054.40  OUF
 DSS0469776 946675   Social Worker (S)  St. Michaels, AZ  37,065.60  OUF
 DSS0469949 243374   Social Worker (S)  Window Rock, AZ  37,065.60  OUF
 DSS0469950 243375   Social Worker (S)  Window Rock, AZ  37,065.60  OUF

Navajo School Clothing Program

 DSS05610193 243486   Warehouse Supervisor (S)  Navajo, NM  31,179.20  06/09/2015



 DOT1018824 242835   Senior Public Information Officer  Tse Bonito, NM 40,414.40  OUF

Road Maintenance

 DOT10710157 243241   Heavy Equipment Operator  Crownpoint, NM  31,179.20  06/02/2015


Buy-Back Program

 LB00310145 243492   Administrative Assistant (S)  Crownpoint, NM  34,028.80  06/02/2015
 LB00310158 243494   Community Involvement Specialist (S)  Crownpoint, NM  34,028.80  06/02/2015
 LB00310159 243495   Community Involvement Specialist (S)  Crownpoint, NM  34,028.80  06/02/2015
 LB00310160 243496   Community Involvement Specialist (S)  Crownpoint, NM  34,028.80  06/02/2015
 LB00310161 243497   Community Involvement Specialist (S)  Crownpoint, NM  34,028.80  06/02/2015
 LB00310162 243498   Community Involvement Specialist (S)  Gallup, NM  34,028.80  06/02/2015
 LB00310163 243499   Community Involvement Specialist (S)  Farmington, NM  34,028.80  06/02/2015
 LB00310164 243500   Community Involvement Specialist (S)  Winslow, AZ  34,028.80  06/02/2015
 LB00310167 243501   Office Specialist (S)  Crownpoint, NM  24,128.00  06/02/2015
 LB00310168 243502   Office Specialist (S)  Gallup, NM  24,128.00  06/02/2015
 LB00310169 243503   Office Specialist (S)  Farmington, NM  24,128.00  06/02/2015
 LB00310170 243504   Office Specialist (S)  Winslow, AZ  24,128.00  06/02/2015
 LB00310171 243491   Program Manager II (S)  Crownpoint, NM  56,721.60  06/02/2015
 LB00310172 243493   Public Information Officer  Crownpoint, NM  37,065.60  06/02/2015


Human Services and Government Unit

 DOJ0068802 246026   Principal Tribal Court Advocate  Window Rock, AZ  56,721.60  OUF

Litigation & Employment Unit

 DOJ0069913 202214   Attorney  Window Rock, AZ  65,249.60  OUF

Office of the Prosecutor

 DOJ0109066 291158   Deputy Chief Prosecutor  Window Rock, AZ  77,542.40  OUF
 DOJ0109039 240951   Prosecutor  Kayenta, AZ  44,054.40  OUF


Navajo Gaming Regulatory

 OPV0049785 242696   Accountant (S)  Window Rock, AZ  37,065.60  OUF
 OPV0048888 240278   Executive Director (S)  Window Rock, AZ  Negotiable  OUF
 OPV0048923 242706   Gaming Regulatory Investigator (S)  Flagstaff, AZ  37,065.60  OUF
 OPV00410141 242137   Gaming Surveillance Observer (S)  Hogback, NM  34,028.80  06/02/2015
 OPV0048876 242723   Senior Gaming Surveillance Observer (S)  Twin Arrows, AZ  40,414.40  OUF

Office of the Navajo Public Defender

 OPV0079862 243283   Attorney  Shiprock, NM  65,249.60  OUF
 OPV0079863 243284   Attorney  Tuba City, AZ  65,249.60  OUF
 OPV0079517 213185   Senior Tribal Court Advocate  Crownpoint, NM  47,756.80  OUF

Telecommunications Regulatory Commission

 OPV00210203 243184   Programs and Projects Specialist  Window Rock, AZ  37,065.60  06/09/2015

OUF = Open Until Filled (subject to c
lose anytime)
* DOE - Depending on Experience ($55,078.40 - $63,876.80)
** DOE - Depending on Experience ($105,768.00 - $130,104.00)

All positions, position titles and salaries are subject to applicable tribal laws, policies, and procedures.

NOTE TO PROSPECTIVE APPLICANTS:   A Navajo Nation Application for Employment must be submitted to the Department of Personnel Management, on or before the closing date, for each position you wish to be considered.  Applications submitted after the closing date will not be considered. All applications for Employment must be filled out in its entirety, including dates of employment.  Resumes are optional and can be attached to the application

Veterans' Preference Applies
The Navajo Nation gives preference to eligible and qualified applicants in accordance with the Navajo Preference in Employment Act (NPEA)

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