Other Job Resources:
The following are links to other job resources that may assist you in seeking employment:

Navajo Tribal Utility Authority

Navajo Technical University

Navajo Nation Judicial Job Vacancies

Arizona State University

Northern Arizona University - Contact Ms. Emma Hannah, Office Specialist at for more information.

The University of Iowa - Department of Pathology - For additional information, contact Ms. Lori Lindseth, Human Resources Administrator at for more information.

University of Arizona

The University of New Mexico / Health Sciences Human Resources - Contact Ms. Norma J. Boyd at for more information.

BIA Office of Indian Education Programs

Human Services Department, State of New Mexico

Tuba City Regional Healthcare Corporation

Winslow Indian Health Care Center

Navajo Preparatory School For questions, please contact Ada Wilson at 505-326-6571 ext. 120.

Navajo Nations Corrections

Open Position of Executive Director of the Dine' Uranium Commission

Careers at Dine College

Reginal Technician, Census -EXT-JKP, Window Rock Area